TV Series Review: The Following

the following

 3 out of 5 stars
 United States

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Serial Killer


Series Synopsis
Key Characters
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 TV Series Review: The Following

Series Synopsis

The Following is an American crime drama,

Former FBI Agent Ryan must recapture serial killer Joe Carroll after he escapes prison.  Having done so he quickly finds that Carroll has surrounded himself with a group of loyal followers who are assisting him in his much greater plan.

I was initially reluctant to like this one due to a dislike of Kevin Bacon, however, I have to say that he and the series have won me over as it isn't all that bad.  The only issue is that because of the series long plot lines some events tend to get dragged out a bit longer than necessary.

It does do a go job actually of rehashing the same story lines over and over and subsequent series are almost a repeat of the first.


Key Characters

Joe Carroll
James Purefoy
A serial killer with a cult following.

Ryan Hardy
Kevin Bacon
A former FBI agent who was damaged physically and mentally by his pursuit of Joe Carroll but now must return to the investigation.

Claire Mathews
Natalie Zea
Joe's ex wife and one time lover of Ryan.

Debra Parker
Annie Parisse
The FBI's specialist on cults.


In The Series

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
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