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carmen armato cliff diver

3 out of 5 stars
Carmen Armato

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Plot Summary
Cliff Diver is the first novel in the Emilia Cruz series by author Carmen Armato.  Sidelined from an investigation into a high profile kidnapping rookie detective Emilia Cruz,  Acapulco's only female detective, suddenly finds herself at the center of an extremely important investigation when after responding to a call about an adrift boat she finds it contains the body of the Chief of Detectives Lt Innocente.  Much to her and her colleagues surprise Internal Affairs gives her the lead on the investigation.


My Review
This is a wonderful introduction into Mexican crime fiction, even if in crime fiction terms it largely gives anything that has not been seen before.  What it does do is capture the culture of Mexico as a country trying to develop and modernise.

Emilia must not only investigate the police chief but also ends up navigating a world of gangs, drugs and police corruption which are central themes to the novel  She must also battle the hatred of her colleagues who don't want women in the police force and at the same time battle with political forces that not only want to see her do well but also a female Mayor who wishes to promote high profile women but also needs a political result to the case that will be acceptable and not risk the Olympic bid.

Juggling all these issues is done really well throughout the book and you start to feel some sympathy for the main character who has to contend with all of this as well as home life that is not all that normal. 

The writing, or translation, did let this book down as well as it is fairly standard and nothing particularly original about it but it is definitely worth the read of the great plot.   

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 Cliff Diver 
 Hat Dance 




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