TV Series Review: Graceland

 4 out of 5 stars
United States

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Undercover cops


Series Synopsis
Key Characters
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 TV Series Review: Graceland

Series Synopsis

Graceland is an American crime drama.

It follows a group of undercover agents from various federal agencies as they undertake joint investigations whilst living and working together in a house known as 'Graceland' in Miami.

A seemingly 'what in the hell' story line comes together really well with some excellent writing and excellent acting.  It is slickly done and should be marked out as one of the best original series of 2013.

Key Characters

FBI Agent Mike Warren
Aaron Tveit
A rookie cop who really wants to work in Washington is assigned to Graceland with a special assignment

FBI Special Agent Paul Briggs
Daniel Sunjata
The lead special agent of the group but has something of a murky past

FBI Special Agent Catherine DeMarco
Vanessa Ferlito


FBI Special Agent Joe Tuturro
Manny Montana 


ICE Agent Dale Jakes
Brandon Jay McClaren

DEA Agent Paige Aitken
Serinda Swan


In The Series

 Season 1 
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Season 3

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