Book Review: Ian Samsom The Case of The Missing Books (Mobile Library Series #1) * * * *

4 out of 5 stars 
United Kingdom 
Ian Samsom 

Sub Genre
Private Detective

The Case of The Missing Books is the first novel in the Mobile Library series by author Ian Samson.  Israel Armstrong is hired by Tumdrum Council, in Northern Ireland, to run the local Library.  Unfortunately on his way everything that can go wrong does go wrong.  He has a terrible journey, he is late and discovers that when the gets there the library has been closed down.  Instead they want him to run a mobile library which he reluctantly agrees to do, on a trial basis.  He quickly discovers though that the books have gone missing and is tasked with finding out who was responsible for stealing them.

This book was a highly enjoyable read.  So much so that I actually read most of it without realising that I had done so.  It is highly comedic and those who like a mixture of comedy with their 'crime' will definitely enjoy this book.  Of course, Israel is useless at crime solving as he is at most other things.  He goes round accusing a variety of different people, none of whom turn out to be the real culprits.

Samsom creates highly enjoyable characters to read and you especially feel for poor Israel who seems to be a fish out of water.  I will definitely be reading the rest of this series if this first one is anything to go by.

In The Series  

The Case Of The Missing Books
Mr Dixon Disappears
The Book Stops Here
The Bad Book Affair 

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