Book Review: Peter May The Chessmen (Lewis Trilogy #3) * * *

3 out of 5 stars 
United Kingdom 
Peter May 

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Private Detective 


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Plot Summary
The Chessmen is the third novel in the Lewis Trilogy series by author Peter May.  Fin Macleod is now living with Marsaille and working for the local estate as security hunting down poachers.  While out one night with his friend Whistler a lock disappears overnight revealing the wreckage of a plane that disappeared long ago.  Inside is the dead body of the pilot, another of Fin's friends Roddy who appears to have been murdered.  As  he investigates he is reminded of his past.


My Review
The is the third and final novel and it certainly feels like it.  The book lacks some of the excellence prevalent in the first two.  The plot feels a lot more manufactured and forced and I didn't think worked as well as the others.  There is a kick in the tail at the end of the book but that it still not enough.

The book also lacks some of the excellent Celtic flavor writing that also marked the previous two books out.  You don't feel the majesty of the island and its people's that came across in the other novels.  All in all this was a much more standard crime novel.
In The Series

The Blackhouse
The Lewis Man
The Chessmen 



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