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4 out of 5 stars 
United States
John Grisham 

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The Racketeer is a standalone novel by author John Grisham.  A supreme court judge, Judge Fawcett, has been murdered during what appears to be a robbery.  The police have no idea why or who was responsible.  Then ex lawyer and convicted prisoner Malcolm Bannister comes forward claiming to have knowledge of who was responsible and the motive.  Initially reluctant, the police soon reach a deal with Bannister who will be released if they are able to get an indictment.

This book could equally have been called Rule 35 (which I would have thought would have made a better title) centering as it does on this legal ruling which allows a prisoner to be released for their crimes if they have knowledge that leads to an arrest in more series crimes.  This rule is used throughout the book.

The plot is much deeper than it initially appears and Grisham teases the reader and keeps you pageturning by slowly revealing the background and the wider plot at play making you want to get to then end to see what eventually happens.

The writing is excellent and Grisham creates enjoyable characters from the off and brings out the injustice that can occur in legal systems really well.  An excellent read.

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The Racketeer 

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