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TV Series Review: Broadchurch Season 1


4 out of 5 stars 
United Kingdom

Sub Genre
Police Procedural 


Series Synopsis
Episode Guide
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 TV Series Review: Broadchurch Season 1

Series Synopsis

An 11 year old boy is found murdered on Broadchurch beach.  The ensuing investigation pulls the local community apart.


Episode Guide

Episode One
The body of Danny Latimer is found and DI Alec Hardy is brought in to manage the investigation.

Episode Two
Danny's father Mark becomes a suspect when his alibi fails to hold.

Episode Three
Mark is brought in for questioning but his real alibi is discovered 

Episode Four
Olly uncovers information about Jack's past and Susan's life comes under suspicion.

Episode Five
Broadchurch must takes sides when Jack's past life is exposed by the papers.

Episode Six
Hardy is told to scale back the investigation and Broadchurch must deal with Jack's suicide.

Episode Seven
Hardy wakes in hospital after his collapse while Susan is custody and reveals who the killer was.

Episode Eight
The murderer is confesses and the family are able to hold the funeral for Danny.


In The Series

 Season 1 
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Season 3

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