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John Huston

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 Movie Review: The Maltese Falcon

Series Synopsis

The Maltese Falcon is an American crime movie.

It is the second adaptation of the novel of the same name by author Dashiell Hammett.  Private Detective Sam Spade and his partner Miles Archer are hired by Brigid O'Shaughnessey to retrieve her sister who is supposedly being held against her will.  However, when Archer is killed attempting to bring her sister back Spade uncovers a plot where all the characters are not as they seem and all roads lead to a priceless statuette- The Maltese Falcon.

Much like the book, it was a genre defining movie.  It cemented film noir and its relationship with the American hard-boiled detective genre so defined by private detectives like Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe.  The film was also defining for being the film that made Humprey Bogart famous.

Its also a faithful adaptation to the book with excellent acting.

 #1 The Maltese Falcon


Key Characters

 Sam Spade
Humphrey Bogart 
 Dashiell Hammett's hardboiled noir detective...Read more.

 Brigid O'Shaugnessey
 Mary Astor

 Joel Cairo
 Peter Lorre


In The Series

The Maltese Falcon (1931)

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The Maltese Falcon (1941)



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