Book Review: Robert Goddard The Ends Of The Earth (James Maxted #3)

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Robbert Goddard 

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 Book Review: Robert Goddard The Ends Of The Earth 

Plot Summary
 The Ends of The Earth is the third novel in the James Maxted series, and the final book in the Wide World Trilogy, by author Robert Goddard.  In 1919 ex flying ace James Maxted's quest to find his father's murderer has led him and his team to Japan.  They are on the trail of a mysterious prisoner held by his father's old enemy Count Tomura.  Unaware of Maxted's fate his team are already in the country where the paths cross with the former German spymaster Fritz Lemmer now rebuilding his spy network for a more sinister cause.


My Review

 With The Ends of The Earth Goddard concludes his tale of revenge as Maxted has been setting out on the trail of his father's murderer and seeking revenge on those who committed the act.

Maxted as his band find themselves in Japan and it makes an interesting setting for the book as we are at in directly post World War 1.  Buried in the political power plays of the powerful members of Japanese society is Maxted's personal story, one that he is not prepared for and comes quite shockingly to him as he uncovers the truth,

It has quite a underdog feel about it as Maxted is up against seemingly impossible forces.  That said though given the build up the book had it did seem something of a let down and does seem to rely on a slightly fantastical finish.  Sam's wit that marked the second book also seems to have disappeared slightly.  But it was still an enjoyable read.

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