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Book Review: Elizabeth George A Banquet Of Consequences (Inspector Lynley #19)

Book Review: Elizabeth George A Banquet Of Consequences (Inspector Lynley #19)

A Banquet of Consequences is the nineteenth novel in the Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George.  William Goldacre commits suicide devastating those he left behind.  But what was the cause of the tragedy and what are the links to a poisoning in Cambridge Desperate to redeem herself for past misdemeanours Havers begs Lynley to let her pursue the Cambridge murder following a past encounter with a feminist writer and her pushy personal assistant.

 Since the Inspector Lynley novels were restarted by Elizabeth George the past couple haven't been all that good.  More correctly they should have been a Sergeant Havers series as the focus since has been much more on Havers and her pursuing cases often against her superiors wishes.  It might have even been better for George to make it a Havers spin off series.

But with A Banquet Of Consequences George has finally returned to something of her previous form.  Again Havers is the focus as she, while under constant supervision from her superiors, and suffering a loss in her detective abilities as a result, pushes to take on the cases.

George has served up a darkly psychological tale which is at times very twisted and one of those stories that could go anyway right up until the end.  You are never quite sure of who to believe and events could be interpreted in many different ways.

It is George back to her best with a very great novel that is extremely well written with her characters and dialogue.  It is  great mystery as well.

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Published By: Hodder and Stoughton
Release Date: 28th October 2015
Book Series: Inspector Lynley
Book Number: 19 (out of 19)
Format Reviewed: Ebook
Review Copy: Yes

Book Review: Suzanne Chazin A Blossom Of Bright Light (Jimmy Vega #2)

Book Review: Suzanne Chazin A Blossom Of Bright Light (Jimmy Vega #2)

A Blossom Of Bright Light is the second novel in the Jimmy Vega series by author Suzanne Chazin.  Latino detective Jimmy Vega must strike a precarious balance between the immigrant community and a dangerous murder investigation.  A body is discovered near a meeting place for immigrants in Lake Holly, New York and the innocence of the victim torment Vega.  Vega needs the help of his girlfriend, activist Adele in order to gain people's trust, but when the case takes a personal turn Vega and Adele discover that behind Lake Holly tranquil facade hides a great terror.

In A Blossom of Bright Light we enter the world of Latin American and Mexican immigrants who are trying to make their new lives in the USA, in this case New York.

Against the backdrop of a harrowing crime we enter their culture through the detective Jimmy Vega and gain a fascinating insight into the worlds of different people.  But it is not all good and not everyone is working towards a better life.  Some are evil.

It is a book which essentially looks at the unfairness of the US immigration system from the point of view of the victims and also manages to build in the politics the community faces and some powerful and corrupt individuals.

The crimes involved are fairly disturbing at times but it was well put together in terms of plot with some well serving character back stories which helped it along.

The Crime Scene's Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Book Details

Published By: Kensington
Published: 27th October 2015
Series: Jimmy Vega
Number: 2
Format Reviewed: Ebook
Review Copy?: Yes

Book Review: Kathryn Croft The Girl With No Past

Book Review: Kathryn Croft The Girl With No Past

The Girl With No Past is a standalone novel by author Kathryn Croft.  For fourteen years Leah Mills has been living the life a fugitive, kept on the run by one terrible day in her past.  She is lonely, without friends until one day- longing for a connection, she meet Julian and dares to believe she can lead a normal life.  Then on the forteenth anniversary of that day she receives a card.  Someone knows the truth about that day and will stop at nothing to destroy the life she has built herself,

In The Girl With No Past we meet Leah, someone who has been part of a terrible event a long time ago.  But we don't know what it is right up until the end of the book.  We don't know what Leah has done and we don't know why someone wants to expose her.

This definitely gives a captivating edge to the book as we want to read on to find out what has happened.  It is a book that very definitely sets itself in the noir psychological genre of crime fiction, although again it is not really a full crime novel until the end.  It is very dark at times,

It is the main character Leah Mills narration, for we see the tale from her perspective, that helps the book along.  As she suffers her stalking we get involved in her thoughts and feelings and see things from her perspective.  You can't help but have sympathy for her despite the fact that we know she might not be quite a nice person.

As any good psychological thriller should it gradually builds up the suspense until a shocking and terrifying endings where Leah finally meets her stalker.

The Crime Scene's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Series: No
Format Reviewed: Ebook
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