TV Series Review: Allegiance

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 TV Series Review: Allegiance 

Series Synopsis

Allegiance is an American spy thriller.

It is an adaptation of the Israeli series The Gordin Cell

A Russian Intelligence office defects to the US bringing details of a major Russian attack on US soil,  The CIA bring in brilliant analyst Alex O'Connor.  Unbeknownst to him his family are part of a Russian secret sleeper cell who are reactivated by the Russians to spy on him.

NBC seem to love spy dramas at the moment this being their second of the current TV season so far (after State Of Affairs),  They also seem to like adapting Israeli series this also being their second.  Allegiance certainly is an improvement from those series,

At first glance it looks something a bit like The Americans but the Americans works because it is set in a relevant time period.  Allegiance struggles to make sense in the contemporary era and is not helped by Hope Davis's performance as Katya O'Connor.  It actually didn't really need this backstory which only complicates what would otherwise have been a good series,

Where Allegiance does work and get better is with Gavin Stenhouse's performance as the somewhat slightly autistic CIA analyst and NBC would be wise to write in more episodes where he uses this brilliance to solve issues,


Key Characters

Alex O'Connor  
Gavin Stenhouse 
A CIA analyst who has no idea his parents are former Russian spies, 

 Katya O'Connor
Hope Davis 
 Alex's mother and retired Russian sleeper agent

Mark O'Connor 
Scott Cohen 
Alex's father and American businessman recruited by Katya to spy for Russia, 


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