Book Review: KM Ashman A Land Divided (Blood Of Kings #1)

 3 out of 5 stars
United Kingdom 
KM Ashman 
Thomas & Mercer 
1st October 2015
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Book Review: KM Ashman A Land Divided  

Plot Summary
A Land Divided is the first novel in the Blood Of Kings series by author KM Ashman.  England in 1081 and the Norman conquest is all but over.  Only one bastion of resistance remains- Wales.  Gruffydd ap Cynan, true heir to the Kingdom of Gwynedd is in exile.  When he hears of the betrayal of the Welsh to the imposter he joins forces with Tewdwr, a deposed monarch.  But treachery and betrayal and war await and their enemies will exploit their weaknesses


My Review
A Land Divided is a historical, more military type novel than crime novel proper set in the time after the Norman Conquest of England.  It is a ruthless and lawless time where military might rules and alliances are formed and broken.

But it doesn't focus on the Normans at all.  Instead it is a book of the underdog.  It focuses on Welsh history of the time, and their relationship to the Irish and English.

I can't really comment on the historical accuracy of the novel but it is based on true characters and historical events of the time period although some have been changed under dramatic licence.  But it is well researched and partly true.

It is your typical underdog story,  Despite being faced with overwhelming odds the Welsh nonetheless have their national pride and ideals at stake and so are willing to fight to the death in order to save their country.  And yes it is your typical blood and guts military type novel too.

But is was nonetheless entertaining and it would be an good way to learn more about the time albeit in a fictionalised form,

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